In Memory of George


George, the head gang leader of the Ghost Town Crips in Belize, Central America, had a reputation of being one of the most violent men in that country.  He didn't know that the Lord had other plans for his life.  In 1993, Gang Rescue Ministries was asked by several pastors to come and minister in Belize because the gang problem had gotten so bad.  Our Lord arranged a meeting in Majestic Alley, the "hood" in Belize where no one goes into because it is "too dangerous", between George and his men and Gang Rescue.  After establishing a relationship in that area, Art Wilson asked George to set up a church service and get his gang members to come.  George set up the meeting, and the rest is history.  That night, as the Gospel was shared to those angry and hurting young people, Gods Holy Spirit  moved in a mighty way.  George, along with 15 of his followers accepted Christ, and he was never the same.  George went into the schools to share his faith and tell others the dangers of gang life.  Everyone listened to him because he is one of the most famous people in Belize.  The Lord used George to change the direction of the people in Belize City to a positive direction.

On  August 28, 2007 George was shot and killed by a rival gang member.  Gang Rescue has lost a very dear brother in the Lord.   He will be greatly missed by all.

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